Stay Wired.

Our Mission

To point all focus and attention to the One we worship by eliminating wardrobe and equipment distractions. If you are tired of struggling with microphone packs, in-ear monitors, and what to wear on the platform, Faint Revival is your solution. 

Here’s how


Benefit from Faint Revival's patent-pending, problem-solving functions, in the convenience of a versatile slimming tank.

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"Thank you Faint Revival for creating a tank top so us girls can wear dresses on stage and have something for our in ear packs to attach to! Brilliant!"

Kari Jobe | Recording Artist


Our signature, patent pending garment. Conceals microphone packs, manages in-ear monitor cords, allows for platform modesty, and offers versatility in your wardrobe.

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"Functional & Fashionable!"

"Faint Revival thought of everything!" The Tune|ic is modest but not matronly, functional and fashionable, and will serve lots of women worshipers in a variety of sizes.”

Tara Banks | Seacoast Worship

Freedom | Collection


"Dream come true!"

"The Tune|ic is so amazing. You can turn the volume up or down on your mic. pack, turn it on or off, adjust it however. It's just the coolest thing for all of us WL's, speakers, teachers, etc...needing a place to put our packs. The Tune|ic is a dream come true." 

Mary Beth Miller | Gateway Worship