Faint Revival exists to help YOU - The worship leader, the musician, the vocalist, the public speaker, the news anchor, any of you on stage, in front of the camera, and/or using wireless audio systems.

No more worrying about your wardrobe; now you can focus solely on engaging your audience and being ‘in the moment.’  As creators, we know that in every problem, lies a solution.  Need proof?  Keep reading... 

PROBLEM:  No way to access microphone pack without others noticing.
SOLUTION:  A strategically placed hidden pocket built into your garment, holds and protects your microphone pack while allowing discreet and easy access.
PROBLEM:  In-Ear Monitor Cords get tangled and/or lay loose.
SOLUTION:  A hidden channel built into your garment, conceals, manages, and protects your In-Ear Monitors.
PROBLEM:  Unable to wear a dress, nowhere to put microphone pack.
SOLUTION:  Your garment can be worn alone or layered with other styles, while still allowing access to your microphone pack, making it the most versatile piece in your wardrobe.
PROBLEM:  Difficult to find modest, yet still fashionable clothing.
SOLUTION:  Fashion forward and timeless in design; the Tune|ic still proves modest.  Each style Tune|ic includes the following details:
-Lingerie strap guards (ensuring everything stays in place)
-Carefully designed neckline (low enough to remain unseen when layered with other garments, yet high enough to keep the girls hidden)
-Self-lined with its own luxurious textile for complete opaqueness (no need for a slip, can I get an A-Men)?!
PROBLEM:  It gets so hot under production lighting.
SOLUTION:  Made from Luxuriously soft, breathable, and movable fabric, your garment keeps you comfortable, cool and breezy.
Faint Revival is a full custom clothing line.  Along with our functional garments, we offer our Limited Series Collections; all styles in this collection are custom designed, manufactured with high quality, and most importantly, ethically made!